bright sun shine day-light

Morning breaking, a motorcycle rider taking-off from the BSD residential area, crossing sub-urban road (Jombang-Lengkong), and end up in a train station, named Sudimara.. After 30 min travel on the rail-way, I took-off at The Palmerah station, and continue my ride on “ojek” motorcycle.. Two types of transportation mode that usually bring me from my home to the office vise-versa.. What made the different was that on that day, the sun was shining so brightly, the light hurt my eyes and disturb my vision, My God.. It was a safety issue, It was, when you ride on motorcycle with the speed of 40-60 km/hr on the small two-way sub urban road at the condition of you can’t see anything in front of you (due to bright sun light). A rayban sun-glasses on helmet might help, but I’m not the one who use that kind of helmet.. Not since I also a ‘night’ rider, I barely see anything with a black glasses helmet.. On the night.. I love sun-light, I’m not a vampire though, more over my name, Adhitia, was came from Hindistan-Sanskerta language which means “Son of The Sun” I like it when her warm radiation touch my skin.. I just need to adapt.. And deal with it’s bright.. Even the sun can turns the black crow into white (Legends of The Spirit Raven).. I hope it also symbolize God forgiveness to my Black Sins.. And turns me into a pure white soul (just like The White Crow).. Oh, my train is approaching Rawa Buntu station now, the nearest station to my home.. I’ll continue with riding my motorcycle to my home.. Let’s Ride, dude!!! Alright..

Welcoming Jakarta – Monday Morning

For them who wondering, what’s my car (back-seat) look a like when I go directly from My Home Town in Bandung City to my office in Jakarta Megacity (@ Wisma GKBI – Jl. Jend. Sudirman 28) on Monday Morning

A bike, office out-fit (a shirt and long trousers), sport-shoes, office-formal shoes, paddy from rice fields, large luggage and bag… everything inside…

Still, on my way to The Office on Monday Morning, I never took a bath from Bandung, I used to get shower at XX Plaza (bathroom is my favorite spot on this mall)

Passing the Senayan Street

It’s between The Sleepless – model – and (Alm.) Mbah Maridjan

Welcome to Jakarta traffic

You better wake up early and go to the office before the traffic jam caught you

“Experience is The Best Teacher”

It’s a very looong queue…

I had to spent more time on Jakarta inner city high-way (about 14 Km traffic jam) rather than on the interstate  high-way from Bandung to Cikampek (about 60 km)

Society Clash

On my way back down-hill from Lembang (North Bandung) to my home at the down town Cibaduyut (South Bandung), I was travelled through Dago Bengkok a hill with beautiful sceneray of mix-up between small remain forest-horticultura garden-residentials and the “was” cafe..

The cafe that shown on the pictures were broken and attacked by the villagers who didn’t agree nor accept the operations of the cafe near the area.. maybe it was because there were no local contractor involved.. no local employee… public disturbance, etc.

but a side from the pro-cons of the “cafe” on the hill near villagers residentials area existance, we should ask ourselves.. is it OK to do an anarchy ? is public disturbance or an argument, point-of-view differences could justify us to broken other people or some one property ? of course not!!!

In reality, there are still many incident happened related to the ‘society clash’, religions and belief, economic motives some times become a justification for them who “feel” what they done is just right..

at the end, on the case like this, we¬† hope that our government and police could manage the permit and regulatory compliance properly, and more sensitive on the society anger indication, mass-mobilization, mass-provocation, conflict potential, etc.. pro-active to prevent such destruction on society clash on the incident what we called as “main hakim sendiri”…