sometimes ‘forget’ could be a gift

A friend of mine once wrote down on her status that “..the only reason that we forget something is because a better memories has taken its place”.

Tuhan yang MahaPengasih memberikan karunia kepada manusia utk bisa ‘lupa’..

Kendati sebagian orang menganggap ‘lupa’ sbg penyakit dan berusaha keras utk menyembuhkannya,
Sebagian yg lain berusaha utk mendapatkannya *melupakan apa yg telah terjadi*

Ya, ‘lupa’ kadang bs menjadi anugerah, yakni ketika dengan itu kita bs semakin ikhlas dgn penyesalan di waktu lampau serta tegar menyongsong masa depan yg lebih baik..

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The Lottery Scams


I just wanna share that I got this scam email to MySpace inbox last nite..

>>scam message starts from here <<

Dear Winner,

as we happily announce to you today that the draw Of the Myspace jackpots,
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in the 2nd category
You are One Of  My Space lucky Winner.
and for you to claim your prize
kindly contact your agent and follow the normal procedure given to you because this mail will be deleted by me to avoids double claim
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Agent Name:Eric Steven
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Yours faithfully,
Online coordinator for Myspace
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>>end of the scam message<<


More info :


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twisted drive

“Always have a time of contingency for something that you least expected..”

Have an appropriate safety factor!
But then by the time term appropriate becomes a relative thing, we squeeze it, as we get more experience, we tends to reduce our safety factor, push it to the limit..
on the road for example, sometimes it turns us into an offensive, mad road runner, or even a twisted driver..
Little do we know,that all it needed to turns out into an accident is just another twisted driver from the opposite direction..
Then Murphy Laws play it role, “if it can happen, it will happen”..

*written down after almost play “who’s’ the chicken” with other motorcycle from opposite direction on my way chasing morning train to the office, fortunately it was ended up with only a near miss*

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addictions to the routines

Late nite sleeps.. Wakes up early to prepare to go to the office.. Late home.. Traffic jam, trains problems.. and then again.. again.. and again.. It’s becomes a routine that I’m dealing with everyday..

I tried to break free.. But it’s kind of addiction, that’s not easy to be changed.. My daily activities and behavior has becomes a full circle of my life in 24/7..

Complaining about not having enough good rest, good quality of time with family and friends..

I need to try harder and harder to break free.. Make my self more useful to surrounding community, help others who needs, give an additional value to this countries..

I had done so little to this beloved Indonesia, yet no significant contribution to my religion..

Too much busy pursuing the utopia, spoiled by the live joy mirage, chasing the endless world pleasure..
My ego is bigger than my brain, and for sure it’s even bigger than the world..
Cause the world will never enough, unless we’re grateful to God for what God has gave us..

Now it’s time to wake up!

Good night, mate!

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This is My City, My Life, My Story..

1. “It’s Cloudy Day” at Wisma GKBI
(my office building)
Location : Semanggi Bridge
Date : Jan 13th, 2011

The intersection between Jl. Jend. Sudirman-Jl. Gatot Subroto-Jembatan Semanggi is one of the heaviest traffic jam point in DKI
Jakarta, esp. in the morning and evening (during office hours starts and
end). In addition to the frustrations of endless traffic jams, Jakarta’s
teeming roadway are primary cause of the city awesome air pollution
problems. Improvements in our mass public transport and more trees
plantation as the green belt to overcome the dust, particulate matters,
and emission gases is a MUST !!!

Picture Minor Editing : crop size to the best-fit view

2. “Sleepless in roof-SEATtle”
(Train with an Overload Passengers
from Tanah Abang St. to Serpong)
Location : Palmerah Station.
Date : Jan 8th, 2011

With regards to the passengers “Safety”,
our public transport provider really needs to upgrading the train
capacity and adjusting schedule frequency to avoid chaos and a
“full-pressed passengers body”.

Picture Minor Editing : crop size to the best-fit view and color correction

PS :
pictures was taken by BlackBerry 9700 Bold “Onyx” (3.2 MP Camera with
flash, auto-focus & image stabilization)